Scooper – Helping Hand Coalition Expands its Activities for Holocaust Survivors around Israel

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עמותת יד לעזרה ישראל – Helping Hand Coalition – מרחיבה את פעילותה למען ניצולי שואה ברחבי הארץ

אלפי ניצולי שואה מבקרים מדי חודש בוילה יוקרתית בקיסריה ומשתתפים בפעילויות תרבות, סדנאות ומוזיקה שם וברחבי הארץ בנוסף לארוחות חמות וסיוע הומניטרי המוגש להם ע”י עמותת יד לעזרה ישראל. העמותה מציעה לניצולי שואה נוספים ליהנות משירותיה ומהפעילות המגוונת.

Israel Aid Charity Association – The Manual Aid Coalition – Expands Transaction for Holocaust Survivors in Israel

Thousands of Holocaust survivors visit a prestigious villa in Caesarea every month and participate in cultural, workshops and music activities there and throughout the country, in addition to warm countries and humanitarian aid offered to them by the personal people involved in the Israeli system.

Israel Helping Coalition is an organization that works to help Holocaust survivors across the country through a variety of actions and measures, including a Hot Homes project operated by some 25 local authorities and allows Holocaust survivors to enjoy a hot meal and social gathering, import containers of free clothing details distributed to Holocaust survivors, and distribute food to their survivors. The Holocaust, documenting the memories of Holocaust survivors, a call center for medical aid, initiating bar mitzvah celebrations for Holocaust survivors who did not celebrate it as a child, assisting and participating in the parade of life, assistance project for individual soldiers in the northern area and dozens of other projects. Yad Vashem has been operating under the media radar for many years from “Beit Shalom” – a beautiful villa in Caesarea dedicated to the welfare and residence of Holocaust survivors only. The impressive villa with a large yard and garden, including a swimming pool, serves as a meeting place for dozens of classes, lectures, workshops, classes and study sessions, art shows, music and culture throughout the year to tens of thousands of Holocaust survivors living throughout Israel. The organization was founded by philanthropist and businessman Andre Gasiorowski and his day-to-day management is his son, Luke Gasiorowski, along with a dedicated and dedicated staff working in Caesarea and throughout the country in a variety of projects designed to assist Holocaust survivors in Israel. Yad Aid for Israel is an example and example of humble and important social activity, which works in collaboration with many government ministries and aid agencies and aims to help, especially in humanitarian cases, the Holocaust survivors who live with us and our loved ones. The association recently decided to unveil its activities to enable more Holocaust survivors living across the country to enjoy its diverse service and to improve the quality of life of Holocaust survivors in their old age, both in their area of ​​residence throughout the country and on visits to the association in Caesarea. For details on the association’s activities throughout the country and villa in Caesarea, phone: 04-6897030 Public Relations: Yitzhak Ravichia, Communication: 054-7999209


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