Wheelchair for Tamara

November 18th, 2020 – Thanks to the generosity of Helping Hand Coalition for Israel sponsors, Tamara from Beersheva was blessed with a brand new purchased wheelchair. The poor elderly has had lots of serious health problems and can barely walk/move around, especially in the last 4-5 years.

Her childhood WWII story is heart-renting. Before the Nazis came to her town, her grandfather managed to pay someone to throw baby Tamara in a trash so that the Nazis wouldn’t find and kill her. The Grandfather then got her out, kept her for a while and then her uncle took care of her. The whole war period she stayed with them and hid in a small room in the basement. Because of the humidity and horrible living conditions, she couldn’t walk till age 5 and today has serious rheumatism and related health issues. The wheelchair will allow her home care taker and her dear friend Yuri to take her out downstairs with greater ease, and altogether function better in the everyday life.

Tamara said that if she could, she would jump up and down of happiness for the wheelchair donation.