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Helping Hand Coalition

Our Mission: 

Comfort, comfort my people, says your GOD…”  (Isaiah 40:1)

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Who we are

  • network of associated individual sponsors, international organizations, and ministries
  • represented in Israel by the Foundation Helping Hand for Israel (Amutat Yad Le’Ezra Israel – Reg.Nr.: 580.476.794)
  • supporting State of Israel, Jewish people worldwide
  • supporting people in need living in Israel: Immigrants, Holocaust survivors, senior citizens, underprivileged children, low income families, victims of terror, oppressed
  • partnering with Israeli government agencies and organizations
  • acting in 70 cities in Israel
  • providing monthly support
  • reaching thousands in need
  • mobilizing hundreds of volunteers 
  • connecting with millions of supporters of Israel worldwide
  • founder of Helping Hand Global Forum

Our supporters

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