Scooper: Food Distribution

Thousands of food baskets including diverse groceries and basic products are currently being distributed for New Year’s and holidays for thousands of survivors of the Holocaust across the country. Hundreds of Yad Vashem activists and volunteers assist in dividing in over 25 cities across the country.

Getting to Know You – Dental Treatment Project – Shalom House July 24th

Six years ago, The Dental Treatment Project was born and focuses on bringing dental aid to survivors in need. Partnering with Jewish Voice International, an organization stationed in Arizona, USA, Helping Hand Coalition has helped hundreds of survivors receive financial assistance for major dental work! On July 24th, HHC hosted a concert event for Holocaust survivors living in Or Akiva who participated in the Dental Treatment Project, so they could meet and get to know those involved in creating the project on a deeper level. It was a joyous afternoon, full of smiles and new friendships.