Shalom Houses


Project: Shalom Houses

Thousands of Holocaust survivors came to Israel in the 90’s. These survivors were from the ghettos and veterans of World War II, most of them speak Russian. A high percentage of these people were intellectuals – artists, composers, writers, managers, teachers and etc., or just common people. Today these Immigrants are concentrated in different towns and cities. This large number of Holocaust survivors requires a special attention for elderly people with difficult historical background, on a personal level as well as on a family-generational, economic and social level. We intend to establish a multipurpose activity centers in which Holocaust survivors will have support from consultation targeting individual and group therapy and community aid.

Basic principles:

  • groups of 20 Holocaust survivors meeting once a week in one location
  • local coordinator for each of the operating house


  • helping in coping with loneliness and heavy loss
  • financial support for underprivileged members of the network
  • giving sense of existence in daily life for each person
  • establishing new active social framework
  • meetings of “self-help” groups


  • meals
  • celebrations: birthdays, Israeli and Jewish holidays
  • social activities: tours, conferences and cultural evenings, music, poetry, games, films, lectures, recording and preserving their memories

Helping Hand Coalition commitment:

  • participation in financing weekly activities for indefinite period of time
  • management and logistics support
  • organizing additional activities: tours, events, celebrations
  • financial support for underprivileged (meals, food coupons)
  • facilitating youth volunteers networks
  • establishing  platform for direct relationship between Holocaust survivors and members of international Christian supporters

Present status:

  • 100 Shalom Houses operating till today

Our target:

  • 1,000 Shalom Homes operating in each and every city in Israel