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Celebrating Hanukkah in Haifa

December 25th, 2019 – Wonderful Hanukhah and end of the year celebration for around 50 Holocaust Survivors took place in Haifa. The elderly really enjoyed the music of the season, the fellowship and delicious meal served to them on top of the traditional candle lighting. The event was […]

Thank you, Jewish Voice Ministries International!

December 24th, 2019 – Thanks to the Jewish Voice Ministries International, dozens of disabled individuals across the nation are receiving financial aid in the form of grocery shopping gift cards. Many of the individuals battle with sicknesses/health issues that are not necessarily visible to the eye, but hinder […]

Amazing Sportswear Donation

December 20th, 2019 – During two weeks before the Hanukkah celebration, thousands of youths, underprivileged families and individuals received amazing brand new Adidas/Reebok/Under Armor sportswear clothing and shoes, NATIONWIDE. The joy the donation has brought to several youth villages/schools, social services, organizations and foundations who help the underprivileged, […]

Gifts for Disabled Haifa Resident

July 17th, 2019 – Disabled Haifa resident received a beautiful bouquet of flowers along with many bags of fruits/groceries she could not afford, as a post-operation gift from the Helping Hand Coalition for Israel (עמותת יד לעזרה ישראל). 46 year-old Tatiana just went through serious open heart surgery; […]

Supporting the Needy

June 26th, 2019 – Rishon leZion Victims of the Holocaust organization received financial help in the form of grocery shopping cards. Michael Reif, head of the organization (on the featured photo above) wanted to extend a huge thanks to sponsors of Helping Hand Coalition for Israel (עמותת יד […]