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Calcalist: The time has come to improve Israeli-Polish relations.

An original article from Calcalitst – daily Israeli magazine (original Hebrew text, with English, Polish and Russian translation below). Autor: Eli Friedman, dyrektor S. Daniel Abraham Centrum Strategicznego Dialogu przy Uniwersytecie w Netanii. http://www.calcalist.co.il/local/articles/0,7340,L-3766181,00.html     הגיע הזמן לשפר את יחסי ישראל-פולין מרכז ש. דניאל אברהם לדיאלוג אסטרטגי […]

Connecting Generations at Sukkot

September 30th, 2018 – This Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) celebration was different for over three hundred of Holocaust survivors. Helping Hand Coalition for Israel (עמותת יד לעזרה ישראל) brought them together with a generation of wonderful young Polish people – from Kalish, Gliwice, Gorzów and other cities. So […]